27 Pretty Unicorn Bedroom Ideas for Kid Rooms

Unicorn bedroom ideas for kid rooms (8)

Who knows how the obsession with Unicorns begun, but however it is widely spread worldwide and every girl or adult women are enchanted by this fictional animal. Of course, is undeniable fact that unicorns are awe-inspiring, mesmerizing and just dashingly beautiful. So, if would be a cool idea to integrate this incredibly beautiful animal as a theme in your girls bedroom.Creating a unicorn theme in the interior can be easily done through unicorn wall murals, unicorn bedding or unicorn antlers.

When we first started to research this theme, we stumbled across so many beautiful unicorn accessories for kids’ rooms many of them handmade.

We loved it so much that we added it to our new collection, However, for better inspiration, take a look at the showcase below and get inspired by the charming unicorn themed bedrooms.

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