42 Brilliant Rain Garden Design Ideas

Brilliant rain garden design ideas (23)

Do your part to minimize stormwater runoff by learning about rain garden designs. These clever, simple gardens help mitigate runoff while adding a beauty spot to your property. A rain garden is easy to build, and it more than pays for itself if your city imposes stormwater runoff surcharges to property owners. Discover ideas for rain garden designs.

In many cities, heavy rainfall in a short time combines with the hard surfaces of suburbia to swamp storm sewer systems. When this occurs, sewer systems can dump stormwater runoff, which carries road and lawn chemicals, pet waste, and fertilizers, into natural waterways. The result can be algal blooms, fish kill, and ongoing pollution.

Rain Gardens are easy to design and build and come in many different shapes and sizes. Here is a simple outline of what’s involved in designing and building your own raingarden. You can see more ideas below :

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