43 Marvelous Front Door with Sidelights

Marvelous front door with sidelights (41)

Sidelight windows are a great way to let light into the foyer. Use Wallpaper For Windows to give sidelight windows the look of frosted, etched or stained glass. There are basically 2 styles of sidelight windows; one-light sidelights and multi-paned or French-paned sidelights. Each style requires different design choices. Say goodbye to those boring shear curtains. One-light sidelights are easy to decorate using these see-through or privacy designs. Your multi-paned or French paned sidelights will have new life when covered with these privacy or see-through designs.

Your option for a covering is either blinds or curtains. This is very traditional and easy to do. While blinds or shutters will be costly to order custom sized, curtains can be very simple to sew and take very little yardage. My suggestion would be to take the time to find some sheer fabric that is very unique and fun instead of the granny-ish lace sheers. It’s going to take so little yardage that you can look at the more expensive sheers out there. Try online fabric stores. Here are some favorites that would make some fun curtains, yet still let in some light.

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