50 Rustic DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

Rustic diy farmhouse coffee table ideas (35)

A coffee table is the perfect spot to play games with our kids and friends. And it’s the most natural place to kick up our feet at the end of the day. There’s no lack of coffee tables to buy in the modern era. But it’s a simple enough piece of furniture, that you can easily make your own coffee table. While a coffee table is very functional, it can add great style and character to a room.

DIY coffee table ideas abound, and if you’re a devotee of the 3Rs in design (reuse, repurpose, recycle), you will have no lack of inspiration. Build a coffee table with pallets or crates. Upcycle a door, a tire, or even tree stumps into the next coffee table trend.

Not only does this modern one look great, but you’d be surprised how easy this slatted coffee table is to make with just some timber and a few simple tools.


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